The magic that occurs when working with Daniel Marra is somewhat of a mystery, but very much a miracle. I have experienced amazing insights, more balance, and a deep and consistent feeling of Joy and Contentment since I began working with him on a weekly basis four months ago. I met Daniel when I attended a group healing session that he facilitated when he was visiting my hometown. I expressed my fear of being single and alone for the rest of my life, and he responded with a message that I recognized. Though, I had known for years in a cognizant way that which he told me, my heart was able to hear it for the first time with a clarity that goes deeper than words. I was released from an ever-present longing in my life from as far back as I can remember; and within me, a sense of peace and equilibrium was restored.

I was also struggling with an addiction, so I contacted Daniel who lives nearly 1,000 miles away to assist me. I was slightly skeptical about distance healing, but my initial experience from the group session was so profound that I gave it a try. Remarkably, the distance-healing experience was the same as when Daniel was in the room.

He begins every session with a ritual that opens and aligns the chakras, and as he does this, I feel a tingling and lightness in my body. It is very peaceful, and I feel as though I am suspended in the embrace of Divine Love. During the session, we talk, and Daniel gives a voice to the wisdom of our guides and angels, discerning obstacles and dissipating patterns. He is light-hearted and makes me laugh. He also makes suggestions to assist me in elevating and sustaining a higher vibration and consciousness. He closes with a clearing ritual. After the sessions, I am deeply aware of being open, balanced and present. I feel calm, magnetic and motivated to take care of myself. At the group healing session, everyone felt this way and wanted to know how to sustain that awareness. Daniel explained that this is our natural way of being in the world before all the wounds and dense patterning took hold. The way to sustain it, he says, is to be mindful in thought, word and deed.

I find that when striving for that, there is no desire to feed my addiction. It is the gentle setting of a pure intention, aligned with God’s will and higher self that has released it. Daniel’s support through his work has been amazing, and I am grateful he came into my life when he did. As is often said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

I perceive Daniel as my spiritual teacher in the way Eckhart Tolle summarizes it in The Power of Now: “When a log that has only just started to burn is placed next to one that is burning fiercely, and after a while they are separated again, the first log will be burning with much greater intensity. After all, it is the same fire. To be such a fire is one of the functions of a spiritual teacher.”

It is an honor to recommend Daniel to others who are seeking guidance, support and inner-healing. Daniel is a gifted energy healer and sustains a conscious presence that allows me to be receptive to hearing the voice of inner-wisdom, the truth of which assists me in making choices for the highest good, not just for myself but for the collective heart.

With Light and Love,



In addition to his wonderful skills as a Healing Touch Practitioner, Daniel has the gift of Clarity. He channnels healing Thought as well as healing Touch, providing helpful insight with a few well chosen words. His caring, compassionate nature makes Daniel a true transformational agent.

Wendy D


Daniel has been providing energy treatments for my staff for months and they find his work to be very effective ….. the shifts he initiates are remarkable.

A. Lewis


March 21, 2010

Dear Daniel,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much you have helped me over the past year. In the darkest time, of my life that I can remember, you have kept me afloat. My twice-weekly visits to you have been invaluable. You have guided me with tact, insight and appropriate suggestions pertaining to exercise, diet, empowerment and self-esteem. The caveat is that you knew exactly when each sort of suggestion was needed most so that I could work with something tangible on that day.
All of the above have kept me from falling into depression, negative thoughts and substance abuse.

Without your guidance, I surely would not have made it through the year. I’ve not only made it, but have come out a stronger, more courageous and positive person.
In addition, you are supremely entertaining.

I hope to always know you, as you have become an important teacher for my understanding of the world we all live in.

Thanks again,
Lisa H.
Malibu, CA

During my third session with Daniel I experienced a sensation of emotional and physical blocks dissolving and melting away. I felt as though these blocks had been there for quite a long time, as though I had been holding my breath emotionally in some way. I wasn’t aware that I was holding my breath until I let it out. This was accompanied by feelings of opening, release and peaceful calm. When I left the session I felt more open to life, more present and more centered and grounded with myself. I also felt kinder and more forgiving towards others.

The next day this feeling of openness continued to blossom and evolve. I began to feel as though my body was more of energy rather than a solid object. As I stayed present with this feeling I experience a sensation of what can only be described as a waterfall flowing through me. It was very intense and I wanted to turn away from or shut it down but I simply allowed it to pass through me. After a while it became less intense and began to feel simply like a river of joy flowing through me. I felt a deep connection to all of life and to a source of joy and love that exists both within me, yet much larger than me. This feeling has remained with me and it has changed my experience of myself in the world.

I am deeply grateful to Daniel for the work he does. His gentleness and humility provide a safe environment for which to experience this very powerful work.