As a result of imbalances caused by stressful lifestyle, limiting belief systems and negative thought and behavior patterns we tend to prevent ourselves from tapping into our own innate Joy. With skillful clarity, Daniel facilitates in reconnecting you to your own innate Clarity, Wisdom and Balance. As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Daniel utilizes various hands on healing techniques to open, balance, re-align and reconnect the entire chakra system. You are then assisted in raising your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual vibration which then provides you the opportunity to release blockages and come into harmonious re-alignment.

Being brought into alignment with the Essential Aspect of who you really are sets up the prime condition for deep healing to occur. With profound clarity, Daniel serves as a pure conduit for Source Energy to assist you in initiating deep and lasting progress on your path to reawakening the gifts that you know you came here to express. He addresses a full spectrum of conditions from common afflictions such as sadness, depression, feelings of powerlessness, fear and low self esteem to more acute physical conditions such as PTSD, Cancer, HIV, eating disorders and addictions.

  • Balance, open and re-connect your chakras
  • Transform negative behavior and thought patterns
  • Balance your energy field
  • Clear blockages to your self healing
  • Reconnect with your innate joy, clarity and life purpose
  • Eliminate fear and anxiety
  • Increase your vitality