As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Daniel’s work is enhanced by his in depth background in various disciplines. A former champion athlete and award-winning documentary filmmaker combined with his unwavering commitment to his own spiritual practices enrich the profound work he facilitates with his clients.

Daniel Co-wrote, Directed and Produced “An Uncommon Kindness: The Father Damien Story” narrated by Robin Williams. This documentary film is a biography about a man’s extraordinary capacity for compassion towards the uplifting of humanity. Father Damien has since been Canonized as Saint Damien.

While writing this film about this heroic level of compassion Daniel continued to be prompted with the question “what am I doing to be of service?”. This question, which came from a deep inner prompting guided him to Healing Touch International. With the film still in production Daniel embarked on the 3 year track that lead to his Certification.

Healing Touch International is a highly regarded training organization embraced by the AMA for it’s commitment to bridging the gap between complimentary therapies and Western Medicine. Healing Touch is facilitated in VA Hospitals in the US to address PTSD for military veterans. Father Damien’s example continues to inspire Daniel’s commitment to assisting those in need and alleviating suffering particularly in the arena of addiction and substance abuse.

Forty years of in depth practices of meditation, yoga, spiritual disciplines along with a BAS Degree in Humanistic Psychology fortify Daniel’s ability to create an atmosphere of warmth, humor, compassion and trust to inform his work. As a practitioner and educator his goal is to bridge the gap between Western medicine and complementary healing therapies. Since 2001 he has been the resident healer for the staff of Whole Life Times magazine. Since 2004 Daniel has been a Continuing Care provider and group facilitator for Passages Malibu, a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Facility focusing on a holistic approach to the healing of issues contributing to substance abuse. He continues to work in various IOP and detox facilities as well as having his private practice in Santa Monica, CA.