Energy Medicine
An Integral Tool for the Transformation of Addiction 

By Daniel P. Marra

Through my years of assisting individuals in overcoming struggles with addiction, my work as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner has crossed over a new threshold. The burgeoning recovery arena has encountered numerous milestones, the trajectory beginning with the birthing of Alcoholics Anonymous and through the decades following, has brought the treatment of addiction to embrace the efficacy of Complementary Therapies.
The tenacious hold that addiction can have on an individual requires not just one, but numerous modalities to finally transmute and heal what I refer to as ” the dense patternings of addiction”. These patternings vary with each individual but generally pertain to the persistent defaulting to false belief systems about one’s self, either consciously or unconsciously. The full spectrum of these false beliefs can pertain to issues of self worth, the residual effects of life trauma, as well as a host of other behavior patterns which can deter the progression of the maturation process. We must also add to the mix the potential damaging effects of living in a civilization that perpetuates the usage of numerous substances for the intention of enjoyment. Actual physiological aspects may also contribute, whether it be an allergic reaction and/or physical and psychological dependency.

It is widely recognized by the proponents of AA that the original intention of the founders was to profoundly emphasis the Absolute Component of the connectedness to one’s Higher Power. The authors of the Twelve Steps were without a doubt Divinely inspired for they understood that to heal an affliction as potentially damaging as addiction that nothing other than Divine Intervention will succeed in the healing. Half of the steps directly pertain to the connectivity to one’s Spirituality and Divine Self that resides within us all.

These are:

Step 2
Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
Step 3
Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Step 6
Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
Step 7
Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Step 11
Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His Will for us and the power to carry that out.
Step 12
Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Energy Medicine Enhances the Connectivity to the Divine Self

It is not just an an issue for individuals in recovery but is a metaphysical issue for all of humanity, this imperative concern for
the Spiritual well being of the Soul.

The Soul that resides in us all intends only one purpose and that being:
” the full knowing of the The Divine Self.”

The Absolute Truth of all pure spiritual teachings points to this sole intention of the Soul. The human experience provides the Soul with virtually unlimited variations on the theme: happiness, sorrow, pleasure, pain, love, non-love and the list goes on. The cause and effect of multitudes of possibilities that a human experiences can tend to complicate and thusly distract from this One Purpose that the Sacred Soul came to achieve.

When The Soul senses that it is veering off it’s intended path of awakening, certain occurrences begin to transpire.
These occurrences are commonly known as ” wake up calls.” An individual may experience a traumatic event which potentially will prompt one to re-assess the path they may be following that is less than impeccable. One can take this opportunity to re-align with their Soul’s purpose and “wake up”. Unfortunately, for many, these “wake up calls” are not dramatic enough to prompt the individual to sustain the awakening after the call.

With regards to the experience of addiction, it is not just simply a wake up call. It is a “Wake up Demand.”

The Soul is now demanding, through the often brutal struggle with addiction that the human unequivocally wake up to it’s intended purpose. The heightened drama, trauma and intense struggle now becomes a matter of life or death in many cases.

It has now been made clear to me and my work within the recovery arena as a practitioner of Vibrational Medicine
that assisting those in overcoming the struggle of addiction is a “Sacred Calling.”  My work, as I attend to my clients is assisting them to clear the pathways for the purpose of enhancing the connectivity to their Higher Self. For it is only by having a profound knowing of the Inner Presence of Divine Oneness can an individual finally heal the struggle with addiction. I am humbled daily by witnessing how Vibrational Medicine is the key component in the transformation of the patterning of addiction.


IN EACH OF US THERE IS A NETWORK of nerves and sensory organs that interpret the outside world. There also resides within us a subtle system of channels and energy portals known as chakras.

The word chakra means “wheel,” and it refers to each of the seven key energy centers around which our subtle energy system whirls. The seven chakras act as receivers and transmitters for the subtle energy of our One Divine Self.

The spinning centers lie along an axle that doesn’t move. This axle is a stable, peaceful zero point, rather like being in the center of a hurricane.

Everything unstable depends upon the stable. For example, noise depends upon silence, light only has existence because of darkness, forms depend upon formlessness, and even a lie can’t exist without truth. In the stillness of the axle at the center of the whirling chakras resides the source, the divine, the whole of One Self, which we have seen is no-thing-ness.

Balance is the key to health and well-being. Imbalance can manifest in many ways but has a general feeling of something being switched off or missing. This can happen when chakras become dysfunctional because they are congested with energies from a stressed mind. Also, unowned emotions triggered by constant stressful thoughts can cause the chakras to be overcharged, leading to their blockage.

Energy is never static but always on the go. The seven chakras are vortices that regulate the flow of energy through our system, and the spinning of each chakra generates a vibration. We might liken the chakras to seven whirlpools that drive our physical existence. When a chakra is spinning harmoniously, cleared and perfectly functional, it processes the subtle energy of consciousness received from One Self, bringing it to the endocrine system, and from there to the physical organs.

The endocrine system is controlled by the pineal gland, which is the control center of our DNA. This gland is linked to the brain through complex nerve connections, many of which end up in the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) as well as in the pituitary gland. The endocrine glands are the organs through which we may become aware of our essential nature, in a similar manner to how we experience the five senses through our organs of perception.
In other words, the endocrine glands serve as points of contact between
the infinite subtle energy of our One Self and the physical body. These
glands are where the divine intelligence is transformed into physical
intelligence. The functioning of these centers is dependent primarily upon our
self-definition, thoughts, choices, beliefs, and the quality of our

By conveying information via the bloodstream to the cells, tissues, and
organs, hormones facilitate physiological functioning, including growth
and development, cellular metabolism, the balance of water and
electrolytes, energy, the quantity of nutrients in the blood,
reproduction, and the body’s immune system. Each hormone is designed to
transmit its message only to certain target receptor cells capable of
recognizing that particular hormone. Hormones act by turning on or off
the genes and by regulating the rate at which genetic functions are performed. Height,
weight, growth, maturation, adaptation to stress, sexual response,
reproduction, and aging are regulated by this on-off system.

On an energetic level, each of the endocrine glands ties in directly to
the seven chakras, which are the receptors for the incoming subtle
energy of the life force, bio energy, chi, and prana, all of which are
manifestations of the infinite energy of our One Self. The chakras
transmit energy directly to the endocrine glands and vice
versa. It’s important to note that all the chakras and glands are of
equal importance for health and the development of consciousness.


This involves a vital symbiotic relationship between the chakras and
the endocrine system.

Infinite Consciousness expresses itself through the human biocircuitry,
triggering signals that stimulate the endocrine glands. The flow of
information is dependent upon the number of circuits connected and the
endocrine system’s ability to interpret and use its signals to deliver
this coded intelligence.

The chakras are lynchpins in this complex system. In
summary, here is what each chakra regulates:

1. Root chakra: adrenal glands
2. Sacral chakra: the gonads and lower belly
3. Solar plexus chakra: thymus gland
4. Heart chakra: thymus gland
5. Throat chakra: thyroid gland
6. Third eye chakra: pituitary gland, pineal gland and hypothalamus
7. Crown chakra: pineal gland

How We Can Live in Harmony with Our One Self

The foundational aspect of my work as a Energy Medicine practitioner is within the full activation of the entire chakra system. By the end of the every session for each client, not only are all of the chakras open and spinning, more importantly the entire chakra system is fully connected. With the entire chakra system fully activated one is then supremely capable of clearing any and all interference as well as unwanted vibrations that may be hindering the healing progression. Throughout the hour long session a dialogue takes place which enhances the releasing process and finally prompts a deep peace and relaxation.

The power of this work is in its accumulative effects. From the opening moments of the first session we initiate a continuum and with each subsequent session a building of momentum transpires. Over time, enough consistent clearing takes place toward a critical mass which allows the client to finally step into new levels of Healing. For, as we know, all “Healing is Self Healing.” It is not until one maintains a continual, un-interrupted connectivity to one’s Divinity Nature that one can finally Heal and overcome the tenacious hold of addictive behavior. When one begins to experience life with less burden and a renewed sense of freedom, new possibilities begin to emerge and the wondrous realization of Self Empowerment becomes a new way of Being.